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‘No Standing, Only Dancing’

Soul Mavericks

Soul Mavericks crew is formed from a collection of talented individuals with their own style, stories, backgrounds, experiences, abilities and energy.

The meaning behind the name of the collective is significant in nature.
Soul = Essence of the culture
Mavericks = Unorthodox expression

Our aim is to keep the essence of the dance and the culture which it represents in its purest form, whilst striving to create, nurture and evolve our unorthodox style of movement, with an objective to elevate and contribute an original spectacle to the art form.

Cypher Styles

A “Cypher” is a circle with two Hip Hop Dancers in the centre competing back and forth trying to beat each others moves.

These street dance “Styles” such as Break dancing aka Breaking, Hip Hop Dance, House Dance , Krump, Rave Dance , Popping and Locking are not found in dance studios, but are passed down and built on by tight knit crews of street dancers who compete in cyphers in underground competitions known to insiders as “Battles”.

With skills forged in the blazing fire of the cyphers, street dancers are continuously challenged to elevate their style and technique to a higher level.